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Learning the Basics from the Houston, TX Teachers of Wedding Salsa Dance Lessons

Enrolling in a Wedding Salsa Dance Lesson

Wedding Salsa2If there is one dance that is so popular in New York that you want to emulate in your wedding reception, it should be salsa. Salsa has influences from Latin American roots but New Yorkers have innovated this type of dance. In fact, it has become one of the most well known social dances used during special events like weddings and anniversaries.

If you are willing to learn from the experts then contacting the nearest school for wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX will be a huge step ahead.

Dance frame and your follow. When you are dancing salsa with your husband, make sure not to anticipate his lead because the dance will go out of sync. According to experts in salsa wedding dance, the follow should always wait for the cue of the lead. Moreover, this kind of rule is of course easier said that being applied in the dance floor so there is the need to constantly practice. Once you know each other’s’ rhythm, there will be no trouble when it comes to the role of lead and follow. When the lead is not asking you to do so, do not do it.

The importance of responding quickly

The science of this type of dance is to respond as quickly as possible. You don’t want the lead to feel that you are a bit stubborn in the dance floor by not responding to his cues. According to experts, salsa dance is not just about responding and following cues. It has deeper meanings as well. One of them is the lead wants to make you feel something like being surprised, excited, amused, aroused, intrigued and many more. There are many surprises so just follow the lead. Surely, your husband has always something for you.

Being responsible of your weight

According to salsa dance instructors, if the couple wants to avoid getting hurt then they should respectively watch for their own weight. In short, you cannot let your husband carry your weight all the time or else you’ll both fall and hurt each other. If there are some lifts and drops, it is better to practice them ahead. The rule here is that when you two are moving; make sure that the leader is able to use the body weight of the follower. However, the follower should stay focused and energized so that the weight will not be dead weight. Avoid grabbing or pulling your partner.

When it comes to deciding for a certain type of wedding dance apt for the reception, it all depends on your preference. There are couples who want it to be more like hip hop or funk. However, there are couples who want to stick to popular classics like salsa. To check which studios are providing legit wedding salsa dance lessons in Houston, TX, make sure to ask around first.  

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